buy gabapentin without prescription Celebrating 26 years of building maintenance in the Puget Sound.

Affirm the Purpose

The central role of our leadership team is to let our teammates know how their team’s performance contributes to organizational success.

Focus on the Team

Few things will get done without the team pulling together. We seek to coordinate and cooperate with each other. At times teammates will pitch in to help a teammate finish a task when their own work is finished.

Have Fun Together

Our ultimate aim is to develop relationships, improve team dynamics, and strengthen our sense of group identity. This is fundamental to our identity as Summit Building Maintenance.

Reflect Together

It is crucial that our team leaders facilitate times of corporate reflection. Posing key questions for group reflection stimulates thought and discussion on where the team is heading, what has been established, and what can be improved.

Teamwork is essential to getting things done. To do it effectively we draw upon the talents of our team members, each of whom have a stake in the outcome.