buy Pregabalin online australia Celebrating 26 years of building maintenance in the Puget Sound.

We make janitorial in your facility invisible.

At Summit Building Maintenance, we know after 25 years that to just provide quality janitorial is not enough. We continually listen to the needs of our clients and look forward to the changes of tomorrow so we can better serve their needs today. We provide environmentally friendly cleaning processes, products, equipment, and training to provide our clients with a cleaner and healthier building. Combined with state-of-the-art quality assurance technology tools, we are able to deliver premier service at great value.

We empty all waste, recycle, shredding and compost receptacles, replacing liners if wet, dirty, or damp. We wipe the inside and outside of containers as needed and spot clean all visible soil marks on carpet areas using green cleaning chemicals and procedures. We spot clean all glass surfaces, including re-lites, doors, and partitions, leaving surfaces clean and streak-free.
We vacuum all carpets and rugs in open areas, including entrances, lobbies, and corridors. We damp mop all non-carpeted areas and remove lint and dirt from all fabric surfaces, including conference room chairs and upholstered furniture in reception areas. We clean sinks and wipe down all counter tops and cabinet fronts in tenant kitchen areas.
You can count on us to sweep all uncarpeted floor areas (including private stairways), employing dust control techniques. We clean and sanitize door handles, door knobs, push plates, elevator button and hand rails. We clean and sanitize drinking fountains with a green cleaning disinfectant solution and polish it to a streak-free shine. We reset office and conference rooms, placing chairs in a neat and orderly manner.
Our staff is committed to your tenant satisfaction and will be on hand to manage anything that comes up - anytime!
We use top tier green cleaning solutions that leave surfaces clean and streak free.

Additional Janitorial Services

  • Property Inspection Report
  • Handy Man Services
  • Restrooms and Showers
  • Kitchens and Lunchrooms
  • Conference and Executive rooms